about heilyn photography

My name is Heidi, and I have a love and passion for photography that I enjoy sharing with everyone I meet. My love for photography started at a very young age.  I remember at age 10, when my sister came into this world, I would dress her up and pose her and take photographs of her.  (see photo, circa 1984)

It was then that I developed a love for photography.  Realizing at a very young age the value of capturing moments and people for a lifetime of memories.  This photograph brings back so many fond memories and reminds me of how very much I love my sister. This photograph is a moment of time that I captured forever… stopping time in its tracks.

These are the kind of photographs I want to create for you…
Priceless Memories

I want to share that gift with everyone I meet.  I want everyone to have memories to look back on,
to give your children and family something to remember you by. 
Photographs that capture youth, a special occasion, or a day when you felt the most beautiful you have ever felt.  

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Let’s start a conversation so that we can discuss your needs and how you would like to be photographed.  We have been serving the Metropolitan Detroit and surrounding areas since 2008 and would be thrilled to work with you too.  Contact us today so we can get your session booked!

#1 phone consultation

It all starts with a conversation to talk about how you would like to be photographed. Let's determine your needs and plan a custom shoot just for you!

#2 Scheduling

Grab your calendar and let's get your dream shoot booked today. Heilyn Photography can recommend the best time of day to be photographed outdoors, or come and visit our studio and don't worry about the rain!

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#3 photoshoot

Heilyn Photography will be sure to capture amazing portraits of you. You will be professionally guided during your shoot to help you look your very best.

#4 Ordering session

After the photoshoot, Heilyn Photography will select the best images and professionally retouch them. We will plan an ordering session so that you can view your images and purchase the images you love.